Friday, September 18, 2009

Artis Gallery Exhibition Opening


From: Marly Peapod

Topic: Artis' New exhibit

Event date: Sunday, September 20th at 12:00 PM SLT

Location: Artis Gallery

Patrick Cournoyer's Artis group is proud to present its new exhibit featuring four promising artists, three for whom it will be either a first or a second show, thus continuing its tradition of discovery. It is my honor and pleasure to introduce them.

InsideOut Clip "Steins, NM"

InsideOut Clip is a photographer from Georgia who traveled across America many times with her husband, an over the road driver, often taking pictures out of the window of his big rig at 55 miles per hour. One such picture, of the Hood River in Oregon, won her first place in a photography contest.

She will be sharing with us a collection of her black and white photographs representing Steins, New Mexico. A once prosperous mining town which was suddenly abandoned when the Southern Pacific Railroad company announced they would no longer deliver water and that the train station would be closed. When they offered to relocate the habitants of the town, the majority left, leaving most of their belongings behind.

This is InsideOut's first exhibit in Second Life™.

June Clavenham "Two"

June Clavenham is a multifaceted artist who's always evolving, finding something new to try, to learn. She has worked with oils as well as photography and, five years ago, she discovered digital painting. "Digital art grew on me as a new and innovative way of [expression], mainly based on fractals, and using different software to bring shapes and colors to a new dimension." "I think digital art presses for a new point of view, since it is created in a nontraditional way, and can be seen in a different media." June Clavenham also says her art "just is... and it's up to the ones who look to give a meaning [to what they see]" She only started recently to explore movement and dimensions in SL.

Living in Uruguay, she is inspired by the colors and scenery of its countryside as well as by emotions, the human mind and by boundaries; the ones we put on ourselves.

This is June's second exhibit in Second Life™, and her selection represents the evolution in the exploration of possibilities, as well as an evolution in the concept of "virtual art".

MariaLouisa Muircastle "Heat of the Moment"

MariaLouisa Muircastle is a computer graphic artist who works with different applications, like Poser, Vue and Photoshop, to create 2D/3D images. Mainly focusing on people, she says she is inspired by the world that surrounds her, always keeping her eyes open to it. Dance is also a major influence, since she is a ballroom dancer in real life.

Born and raised in southern California, but now living in North Carolina, MariaLouisa started doing computer graphics about five years ago when she had been trying to make images for an history website she was a member of for many years. Mostly self-taught, she still strives today to better her skills.

This is MariaLouisa's second exhibit in Second Life™ and it will be focusing on strong women in moments of emotion.

Olli Inglewood "Monochromatic"

Olli Inglewood bought his first camera in November 2008. Since then, he has bought two more, sold one of his shots for a CD cover, found an agent and he even has a photography book in progress. Entirely self-taught, the rapidity with which he has found success is an affirmation of his talent and of his vision.

"To take a photograph is to capture a moment and tell a story, this is what motivates me. You have to respect what you photograph, especially human beings, this is why I do not take exploitive pictures of the female form, I prefer a different approach." He is inspired by Paris, its people, emotions and he has a soft spot for classic dancers.

This exhibit, representing his little monochromatic world, is Olli's third exhibit in Second Life™.

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