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For Immediate Release
21 August 2010

We are pleased to announce that Virtual Museums Inc.— the governing body of the Frank Lloyd Wright Virtual Museum (FLWVM)— has been awarded 501(c)3 Non-Profit status by the United States Internal Revenue Service, retroactive from the date of application in December 2009. “I am literally in tears of joy here—no kidding;” exclaimed Board Member and former Assistant Director Rosalie Oldrich, who spearheaded the effort for non-profit status. “This means that all contributions given to the museum in 2010 are tax deductible!”

This status will also reduce our tier payments to Linden Labs by 50%. This enables the museum to focus on a capital campaign, which in turn will allow for future expansion of the already popular museum on the Second Life™ grid.

“We are of course thrilled by this news,” said FLWVM Board Chairman Ethan Westland,” and it couldn’t come at a better time, as we have launched a capital campaign to add another region.”

The museum, which operates within a licensing agreement with the RL Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, will be working closely with the Wright archives to realize new virtual reproductions of Wright’s most famous buildings. Up to this point, several have been built by museum staff, friends and external partners, and some had generously been on long-term loan to the museum. “While we appreciate everything our previous builders have done, we are also excited to move forward with new virtual replicas that are crafted in close coordination with the RL organization.”

We give much of the credit for this development to former museum CEO, Frey Bravin, a passionate Wright enthusiast whose vision saw the museum through its first year. His vision is so grand, in fact, that he has moved on to start an exciting new endeavor: the Museum of American Architecture. The staff and board wish him all the best in this new endeavor. Former operations director and well-respected artist Curt Kongo has stepped in as interim CEO. A formal search for a new CEO will begin shortly.

The museum is also thrilled to announce that Pathfinder Lester (formerly Linden) has joined our Board of Directors. Extremely well-respected in the education and creative communities, path brings with him a wealth of experience, as well as in-depth knowledge of Linden Labs, which will rather fittingly help the museum pave its path to the future.

We are also pleased to welcome several new staff members to the museum. “We’ve chosen Gina Broono as our new Museum Curator, and couldn’t be happier,” said Westland. “Gina is an RL architect with a passion for Wright, and has experience working in museums such as the Metropolitan and the Guggenheim in New York City. She brings a rich educational background —something the Foundation is keen for us to focus on.”

Additionally, Terra Tepper has been promoted to Operations Director. Anyone who has seen her stunning works, including the museum’s Loren B. Pope residence, knows she is the perfect woman for the job.

Other new staff members include Ocean Wade as Director of Education, Jadyn Firehawk as Lecture Series Coordinator, and Snow Scarmon as Archivist/Collections Manager.

While a celebration will be announced shortly, the museum welcomes your support now with your tax-deductible contributions, and by asking you to volunteer to help us out as we grow. If you are a builder with a passion for Wright, definitely get in touch with us! Broono and Tepper are currently drafting a building plan for future museum development alongside Board Member Ethos Erlanger—builder of the FLWVM’s Fallingwater—and are looking for more creative minds!

For more information on these exciting developments, please contact Farqot Gustafson, Director of Communications for the museum. You can visit the FLWVM in world at: and our website


The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum of Second Life engages the public in educational and aesthetic experiences to foster an appreciation of architecture, design and the legacy of Frank Lloyd Wright.


The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum of Second Life will be a multi-disciplinary center for education, scholarship, debate and research committed to exposing and promoting the works, ideas, and innovative spirit of Frank Lloyd Wright for the benefit of all members of Second Life worldwide.

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