Friday, August 20, 2010

"TELEOCTOSCOPE" OPENING at the Turing Gallery

I received a notecard from Maya Paris telling me that, "TELEOCTOSCOPE" is opening today, Friday 20th August @ 6PM PDT/SLT at the Turing Gallery. Her notecard explains; "Step right up and see for yourself! Peer into the amazing TeleOctoscope and instantly see what is thousands of miles away as if it were right there!! The TeleOctoscope has been built by cephalopods, maintained by a squad of Mer -Mechanics, and is powered by steam, tea, and chocolate. And we need YOU! The pay's terrible but you get to keep the suit."

JUST CLICK THE SIGN WHEN YOU ARRIVE for all the necessaries.....
1- Wear your Mer-mechanic suit , hop into the water, flipper down and find the viewing pods on the seabed.
2- TO ENGAGE the TeleOctoscope
***TURN ON your streaming media and SIT on one of the 4 viewing pods.

Each pod will show you something different, so try them all.
Lookout posts up top!

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