Sunday, August 22, 2010

“simplexity” Opens at NMC Campus West on Sunday

An exhibit called "simplexiity" created by Thoth Jantzen opens on Sunday the 22nd of August. The opening begins at 3pm PDT/SLT and will run for one month. The exhibition is described as a "totally immersive multi-media-based virtual environment" and it is being hosted at the Aho Museum. In the announcement sent to me by museum curator Tayzia Abattoir, she asks the question, "What do you get when COMPLEXITY merges with SIMPLICITY?"


Was the one word answer.
I had a chance to preview the exhibit several weeks ago, when good friend and artist Thoth sent me both a TP request and IM asking me to come over for a "look see". I did and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. You will as well, this is a Lane's List must see.

The note card also explained:

EPILEPSY WARNING: Not recommended if you have epilepsy, seizures, have had a stroke or are otherwise adversely affected by rapidly flashing lights and changing colors.

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