Sunday, August 22, 2010

Viewing Islands, from the Gallery by an Architect

The notice came to me from Comet Morigi to announce her latest exhibition, "Viewing Islands, from the Gallery by an Architect" presented by SOLA Gallery. It wasn't clear whether or not the note was announcing it as opening, however she did indicate that it would be open until the 16th of September. Her note went on to explain:

"This exhibition has 3 phases as shown below:

1) Off-sim islands surrounding the gallery I made. You view the islands through the back wall which the Artist made transparent.

2) On the wall inside the gallery are some document photos, a model from a past landwork, and snapshots of their collectors’ rooms.

3) The observatory to view the islands is on a small hill next to the gallery. You can find this by following the line of hovering seagulls.

A gallery managed by an architect is different than one managed by a dealer or a curator. An architect is a maker as much as an Artist. For an architect, laying out pictures on walls is done with the same sense as laying out windows or air vents.

For this display, I remade the gallery and its environment for the architecture. Although I made a wall and floor transparent, the windows and floor are the same in size/layout/shape/texture/color.

The intention is to exhibit what I did to the gallery, rather than to exhibit something in the gallery.
You discover works ONLY BECAUSE they are in a gallery within the expected Art context. If you destroyed the gallery, visitors couldn’t find your works there. That’s why I continue to have the gallery as the basis for exhibiting my work.

I appreciate the sims KAZE&SOLA residents’ patience during my 3 months working on this town.

Also Kaikou Splash for me, who specialized his hovering seagulls “Thermal Catcher” to “Wind Catcher,” so that they keep facing against the current SL wind."

Jul.15, 2010
comet Morigi, the Artist

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