Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Press Release:
Love music and art?

'Pop Art Lab' is proud to announce the launch of this years 'ART BREAKER' collaborative art and music installation. We are seeking artists of all genres from across Second Life to come and participate in this event which proved so popular last year.

Pop Art Lab is a real life company working in Second Life to promote the latest CD releases for major record labels, to encourage recognition of SL based musicians and to produce TV programmes dedicated to highlighting the very best artistic talent from both worlds.

We also work extensively with RL media companies, educators, artists and museums.

In 2011, we want to reinforce the importance of music in SL, and are inviting individual or groups of artists to create art works based on the concept of 'album cover art.' Most of us have been inspired by the incredible work of album cover artists at some point in our lives and we want you to help us recognise these achievements.

Each artist should choose a real life album cover that inspires them-and then build their virtual interpretation, or tribute to it within SL. All entries will be showcased for two months at the Pop Art Lab sim complete with a launch party, guest speakers and other live events.

Last year we streamed the launch event across Treet.TV had guest speakers from real life companies and partied for 12 hours nonstop.

This is NOT a competition, but a fun and communal showcase of the inspiring work that is carried out in all artistic genres with SL.

Closing Date for installation briefings is January 31st

For full details of how to be involved and the specific build requirements please contact:

Claus Uriza or Emily Hifeng

Press Information please contact:

Persia Bravin

Art Breaker 2010:

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