Saturday, January 1, 2011

Avalon Arts Initiative

The following awaited me when I'd logged in world this morning. It looks to be a good opportunity for budding artists in Second Life.


Avalon Arts Community is pleased to announce a new program for budding virtual artists. The town is sponsoring prime gallery space for new artists to exhibit - free of charge! Although we expect selection to be competitive, we encourage artists at all levels of skill to submit their work for consideration.

- You need not be new to SL, but you must be a new artist, either having never exhibited, or having started exhibiting within the last 6 months (or so).
- You've had no major gallery exhibits in world.
- While we will consider showing RL works, preference will be given to artists working with virtual media itself (ex. SL Photography, scripted work, prim-worked or prim-built art, machinima).

Please send a notecard with your name, a brief artist statement, SL exhibition history, and photographs of your work (no more than 5) and/or an LM where it can be viewed, to Rowan Derryth. Feel free to contact her with questions as well.

Deadline January 5th.

Best of luck!

Rowan Derryth

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