Monday, January 17, 2011

Art-Maze 2011

A notecard had opened when I clicked on accept, it was from Asmita Duranjaya and arrived late on Sunday afternoon. It was an invitation, to a pre-opening event for the great "Art-Maze 2011". The invite was shy on explanation, that it was a pre-opening was clear but no mention of when the actual opening would occur and with previous commitments planned, I didn't have a chance to stop in to view exhibit until today. On exhibit are works from Juanita Deharo, oona Eiren and Asmita Duranjaya, the first and last I am familiar with, having seen their work several times over the last three years, but the middle artist and the location weren't. I clicked on the LM and checked the map, this one is on the adult continent I noted, the Tramboyn SIM.
As I entered the maze, I couldn't help but notice that Asmita's work directly at the opening and in keeping with the adult location, there were several photos and photo montages of nudes, both women and men. As I moved past them I discovered several other pieces by this talented artist, the subject of the pictures had changed to landscapes and several abstracts. Following the turns of the maze, I next encountered a prim female figure with outstretched hand. Hovering text above her suggested I click on her and so I did. A script ran when I did and a story line appeared in chat to tell me of the three graces … "in Greek mythology, are the three goddesses of joy, charm, and beauty". The lines of chat rolled up and the story told me that, "Like the Muses, they were believed to endow artists and poets with the ability to create beautiful works of art". The last chat line posed the question, "Are they also thinkable as males?" Having made my way past the several nude photographs (mostly female), my response was quick and short … Nope! And I made my way down through the rest of the maze.
The next stop is where I found several pieces by Juanita Deharo, caricatures mostly of women, clad and unclad and all holding a wine glass. While looking at them, the words from a Frampton song came to mind … "I woke up this morning with a wine glass in my hand, whose wine, what wine, where the hell did I dine". I always liked the opening to that song. This was a prelude to a larger room, accessible through a double set of doors that while they failed to open, allowed the avatar me to walk right through them. The caricatures, continued into the large room, several and a wide variety of poses. There were sit poses nearby and when I clicked on one, the virtual me appeared to be thrashing amongst and with several of the drawings. The animation was interesting to watch, the thrashing about all synchronized with the movements of the caricatures. There was another set of doors nearby and I walked through finding myself surrounded by a gaggle of the caricatures. I treaded my way through a narrow path between them and while I did, I half expected one to reach out and pull me in. Once again, I entered another room through a set of doors, a lesser amount of the caricatures, but several males including one of a "football hero who leaves his socks on while making love." The last set before the next door, was of three females standing together, each dressed and holding a glass of wine. There was a pose ball next to the trio that invited one to "chat". While tempted to do so, I simply stood a short distance away and imagined the conversation. After several minutes of listening in to the three I decided it was time to head out. Before I did, I managed to catch Asmita on line and she told me that the exhibit opens on the 21st of January and will be open until the 30th.

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