Sunday, February 27, 2011

Clarification Announcement on Machinima Contest - Gulliver's Travels Build in InWorldz

Since the announcement went out a few weeks ago, there has been some clarification to the contest rules as set by Jeri Rajha. 

The following is an update to the rules:

Machinima Contest Gulliver's Travels Build in InWorldz

1) The contest begins on 2/18 and all submissions must be in by 3/25/11 - the Machinima must be posted on YouTube to be seen and the information on the Machinima location must be sent to the Sitting Judges - so that they may view it. Also provide a copy of the Machinima to be sent to Jeri Rahja.

2) All Photos must be forwarded to Jeri Rahja  - so they may be properly displayed at the Gulliver Sim - the Photos must be sent with full permissions, but will never be sold or distributed except for the winning picture. (See the note below

3) The Winning Machinima will continue to be the property of the creator, and the rights to use it for Gulliver's Travels in an agreeable manner will be determined in a cooperative manner. It is possible that we may use it for our future advertising, or utilize it as a tool for other means within Gulliver. The prize money will be paid with the release of a full perm version of the Machinima to Jeri Rahja and an agreed upon scope and usage as determined by the respective parties involved.

4) There is no limit as to how many photos or Machinima's one person may enter.

5) There are only 2 winners in this contest
First Prize Machinima  30,000 L'zs      First Prize  Photo   10,000 L'zs
Judges are as follows:   Ub Yifu, Saffia Widdershins,  Nazz Lane,  Mera Kranfel,  Tricia Aferdita,  Tranquillity Dexler,   Copan Falta  & Soror Nishi

Attention: With regards to the Intellectual Property (IP) rights of the Machinima. I know there have been some questions as to the ownership, with respect to the winning Machinima and Picture. I am not seeking full ownership of the Machinima and Picture, just permission from the creator and the rights to use the Machinima and Picture within an agreeable scope and guidelines that we (the creator, Gulliver Travel's and I) can all feel comfortable. Ownership of the Machinima and Picture will continue to be that of the creator, it is the rights to utilize the Machinima and Picture I am requesting in a manner that is agreeable to each party.

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