Saturday, February 19, 2011

Where Can I Go to See Some Art This Week-end?

I had logged in-world on Saturday morning  only for a few minutes, mostly to clean up messages and check on whether or not I'd gotten behind on my rent. With notices, notecards and IM's answered, I checked the rental boxes and sighed in relief when I noted that both of my booths on Book Island were all paid up for the next few weeks. With that complete  I decided to stay in for a while, find a quiet location to go into busy and work on my inventory. It had grown by leaps and bounds the last six weeks and threatened to become quickly out of control. "Where to go?", I asked aloud while the real me sipped from a fresh cup of coffee on the other side of the screen. While I thought about it  a chat line appeared at the bottom of my screen.

Tommy3333 Resident: Hey Nazz, how's it going?

I camm'ed around to find the source of the chat and spotted Tommy to my left and slightly behind me. With the last name of "Resident" I knew he was fairly new to Second Life.

Me: Mornin' Tommy, doing good here thanks. How are you enjoying SL?

Tommy3333 Resident: Doing good here as well, can I ask you a question?

Me: Sure.

I watched his avatar as he begin to type, stopped and started, then stopped for several seconds before he continued. While he did I remembered my early days in SL and tried to anticipate what sort of question he might ask. His avatar was dressed nice enough I noted, with a decent jeans and shirt combination.

Tommy3333 Resident: I met a lady and wanted to take her to a few nice places. She's into art and talks about it all the time. Where can I go to see some art?

Me: Any idea what she might be interested in seeing?

Tommy3333 Resident: Not a clue.

Me: There are exhibits underway that would make for a pleasant afternoon or evening.

Tommy3333 Resident: Cool.

Me: "Through the Eye of a Woman". This exhibit opened a week ago at PRAKA Fine Arts Gallery and features the work of artists; Callipygian Christensen, Cat Boccaccio, Dantelicia Ethaniel, Del May and Maloe Vansant. The show runs until the 14th of March.

Tommy3333 Resident grins.

Me: Here's another exhibit that's underway. It's at "New Works at Kelly Yap Newcomer's and Friends Gallery".  The artists featured include;  Louly Loon, Corcosman Voom, RAG Randt, Trill Zapatero, Miso Susanowa, Tallulah Winterwolf and soror Nishi. You can, "also take a walk down the Art Walk when you get time … lots of new artists!  The Kelly Yap Art Walk is now hosting Eliza Quinzet, rant Ugajin,  Ally Aeon, Bobbi Laval, Harter Fall, Em Larsson, lala Lightfoot, Callipygian Christensen, Penelope Parx, Peoney Feld, Gallery SYNergy, Sonia Stardust, Nik Gandt and ginou Forcella".

I gave him a some time to read the previous chat which worked out well as I worked on the next one.

Me: A favorite stop of mine, although I didn't get a chance to attend the opening earlier this week is at the "Pirats Omega Art Gallery". The show opened on the 15th of February and features an extensive  list of artists utilizing multiple media. You can see some work by many fine artists there. The exhibit at Omega includes work from; Melina M, ling Serenity in SL, Chapl Paisley , Betty Tureaud, LarZ Rajal, oona Eiren, Chu Ann, daruma Boa in SL, JudiLynn Staples, judiLynn India in SL, Solkide Auer, Fafner Hofmann, Tehos, Tehos Quar in Sl, Typotel, typote Beck  in SL, Lollito Larkham, Nino Vichan and Maryva Mayo.

Tommy3333 Resident: Those are all underway, what about opening events?

Me: Here's one you both might enjoy. Black and White and Red All Over. The exhibit is  at Erato of Caerleon and opens tomorrow at 1 pm PST/SLT.  It's an exhibit curated by Sabrinaa Nighfire, who had sent out an open call to all artists  willing to submit  pieces which could , "only be Black, White or Red". I chatted with her yesterday and she told me the opening event will include live music and dancing.

Me: "The Mysterious Forest," a new immersive art build by Alizarin Goldflake . She is holding an Open Studio for this her newest immersive art build on Sunday, February 20, 2 pm PST at Atelier Alizarin.

Tommy3333 Resident: Anything else?

Me: Here's another one, "Above and Beyond", a photography exhibit by Cala Rossini at Galeria LX. The opening begins at 2 pm PST/SLT.

Tommy3333 Resident: That's really awesome Nazz, thanks a lot man.

Me: Hey no problem Tommy ... Hope you both have a great time.

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