Saturday, February 26, 2011

"Reverie" an Art Exhibition Opening at Originalia on February 27th

She materialized next to where I stood. I was in my normal mode of operation, standing at the point of entry and engaged in multiple instant messages. I hadn't moved since I'd arrived at Orginalia, but had cam'ed around to see what appeared to be a nicely done build. A lush tropical landscape surrounding the immediate area and a classically styled gallery appeared immediately in front of me. I'd come here at the invitation of Amase Levasseur, who'd left me an off line message and a notecard announcing the opening of "Reverie". The invite had told me that she and the exhibiting artists would be available to meet with the press before the formal opening, this Sunday, the 27th of February at 3 pm PST/SLT.

I waited for what I thought to be a sufficient time for her to rezz before I said, "Hello Em".

"Hey Nazz." Em Larsson replied.

Em is one of four artists exhibiting here, the others are Scottius Polke, RAG Randt and Eliza Wierwight. I was about to type out a chat line but  before I could finish, one appeared on the screen. I noted it was from Amase Levasseur and I hadn't noticed her arrival. I waited until the two ladies had greeted each other and  was about to introduce myself, when Em did so with, "In case you haven't met. Nazz this is Amase who is the owner of Originalia and is hosting this show … Amase, this is Nazz. He is a writer and has an Arts Blog too. "

"I'm a dabbler with pen … or rather a keyboard now I suppose." I said in response to Em's introduction and then turned the virtual me toward Amase and added; "It's a pleasure to meet you Amase."

"Hello and thank you for coming Nazz. We have been present at the same art shows many times, but haven't had the occasion to talk." Ms Levasseur said in reply.

"I do wish we would have and thank you for the invite." I said and then asked her, "Did you do the build here?"

"It's quite a big show Amase has organized here." Em interjected and then added; "I've forgotten the builder of this one, Amase."

"hmmmm, not sure how to answer that as I have had a number of people who have had a hand in the build. Totem Flow was the original builder." She replied.

"I made some modifications, and I guess others have too." Said Em.

"I have made many over the past year. But I believe that Totem is the main influence … she does a heck of a build." Amase commented.

"It's a wonderful build and was curious if you had. The exhibit is called 'Reverie' ... what was the inspiration behind the name?" I asked her.

"Since early in my second life I have had the dream of an art sim. I wanted artists to have the time to create, the prims, the freedom without worrying about lindens … or who to share lindens with." She replied.

Legitimately this time, I didn't notice the arrival of Scottius Polke, and by the way it is excusable, after all he does wear a tiny av. "Halllooooo" he called out and we each acknowledged him in return.

"I'm just sharing my dream for Originalia." Amase said.

"It's a great one." Scotti commented.

"Amase has been very generous." Em added.

"Scottius and Em were the smart ones to give it the French name Reverie as all the builds were themed on dreams." Amase said.

"Em in particular." Scotti commented.

"You've picked some wonderful artists to exhibit and inaugurate the sim, congrats." I said.

"I am a collector, and these artists are some of my favorites from the beginning." She responded

"It's nice to have a central theme, but then we all go off in our own directions." Em said.

"Absolutely Em … and off in your own directions you did go." Amase said.

"I did a complete walk through this afternoon. It was an experience!" Em exclamied.

"Scottius was the first artist engaged for the debut, months and months ago." Amase commented.

"One sec Eliza wants me to test her music stream … be right back." Said Scotti as the little white balls swirled around him and the tiny avatar disappeared.

"I suppose I should go back to my post." Em said and then begin to move her virtual self away from the where we had stood at the arrival point.

"Em, I will be by in a few minutes." Amase called out to her.

I called out a good bye as well before I said to Amase. "You've  a busy night planned, to get all of the 'i's' dotted and 't's' crossed before Sunday's opening."

"Yes I'm afraid so … I have been in the same outfit all week … what's a girl to do? I assure you it hasn't been the first thing on my list." She said and then added; "I am so honored to have these four artists. The sim has been a long time in the planning."

"Its nice then you can realize your dreams. I look forward to the opening on Sunday " I said.

"Precisely … thank you so much for coming today Nazz." She said and then followed the path Em had taken while I found  and clicked on a land mark to my next stop for the evening.

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