Saturday, February 5, 2011

International Intra Verse Awards 2011 Winner Tayzia Abattoir

I'd retrieved a note card early on Thursday morning, an offering from Tayzia Abattoir. I was pleased while reading it to learn that she had won the International Intra Verse Awards 2011 for her "participation in the arts and charity work in a virtual environment". Ms Abattoir as many of us know, works tirelessly to promote the arts in Second Life, through her work at NMC and at her own space "The Crescent Moon Museum" which  is likely "the longest continuously running museum in Second Life and often called the first". Ms  Abattoir began the museum three months after she arrived in Second life, in August 2004. She is equally tireless in her work for the annual Relay For Life in Second Life. The award ceremony was held that same day in Monaco (RL location) and at the NMC Conference Center in Second Life.

Congratulations Tayzia … I couldn't think of anyone more deserving to be acknowledged with this award and thank you for all that you do in Second Life. 

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