Saturday, March 19, 2011

La Performance New Show “Romance” Opens on the 20th of March

On Sunday the 20th of March, the dance troupe la performance will present their latest show, the modern ballet "Romance". The premier begins at 2:30 pm PDT/SLT and will be held at their regular venue. The troupe is led by Jie Loon, who does the choreography and is the production leader. She had told me that they are planning seven performances of "Romance".

We'd spoken a few weeks ago, when she'd taken a few minutes away from rehearsals to chat with me.

Nazz: The rehearsals are going well I hope?

Jie: Hello Hello! We are rehearsing new show 'ROMANCE' since Dec now ... and fixed today the date of premiere, Sunday March 20th. Yeah, the rehearsals are going well. We have some new dancers … very brave and skillful. It will be a challenge, because we will try to limit time between the dances to 20 seconds or so.

Nazz: How many routines?

Jie: Nine dances in this show and all in all sixteen dancers on stage. Well seven dances officially and then one Goodbye and one surprise in the end.

Nazz: One surprise?

Jie: This will be Imagine … John Lennon. I fell about the lyrics ... without know what it is ... you know ... everybody does know this song, but if you ask after lyrics in detail ... difficult … I MUST have it in show, but it's a challenge to dance it ... to transport the mood. I found a live version together with Yoko Ono, she is on piano too.

Nazz: That would be an extra-ordinary finish.

Jie: Yeah, and one of the 'highlights' will be 'Bad Romance' - Lady GAGA. Which gave the title of this show ... 'ROMANCE'.

Nazz: What's the schedule of performances?

Jie: On these dates; 3/20, 3/27, 4/3, 4/10, 4/17, 4/24 with the last on 5/1.

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