Sunday, March 13, 2011

IDIA Lab's New Flickr Gettr Launches on March 14th

While in world this evening I received a message from Mencius Watts (aka John Fillwalk) who informed me that the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA) will launch the new "Flickr Gettr" on Monday the 14th of March. He described the new iteration as a "shared and mobile virtual world mashup artwork."  Mr. Watts is an Associate Professor of Art, the College of Fine Arts, at Ball State University.   We had met nearly two years ago, when he and other Second Life artists had participated via a Second Life venue provided by Filthy Fluno, in the Boston Cyberarts Festival in 2008. I'd interviewed him shortly after that and we had met at the “Flickr Gettr v5 for NMC Aho Museum” in Second Life.

While the SIM isn't currently open to the public, not until the opening on Monday, he'd given me a link to pictures on Flickr. The opening isn't going to be a formal one, but it will definitely be worth the visit to see how; "IDIA Labs Flickr Gettr connects the social image repository of Flickr to virtual worlds ".

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