Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Return of CHUCKMATRIX Clip

A surprise awaited my arrival in-world two days ago, it was a friendship offer from CHUCKMATRIX Clip. He'd been away from Second Life for roughly a year now. We'd met in December of 2009 when he'd held a huge celebration at CMC Designs and I'd seen his works on exhibit in several other venues. He is best known for highly detailed sculptures, which can be either static or scripted along with paintings. We chatted briefly in IM and as it turned out, we'd missed connecting at the Pirats – Omega Gallery opening where he is one of the featured artists. He told me that he'd been busily re-connecting with people and he'd passed along a notecard with links to his gallery and to other venues where his works can be seen. 

Here's the list:

Thursday 3/17/11 @ 3 pm SLT - Galeria Mexico

Sunday 3/20/11 @ 4:00pm SLT - The AHO Museum

On Display until April: Gallery of Mystic Dreams

On Display until June: Loveli Art Gallery

Ongoing Exhibition: Esoterica Mills Art District

It does look like he'd hit the ground running upon his return. Good to have you back.

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