Monday, March 14, 2011

Metaverse Music Expo Announced for April and to be Held in Second Life

The Metaverse Music Expo group in Second Life,  (aka  Metaverse Live Music Expo) announced that they have scheduled an exposition that will, "honor and celebrate live musicians in second life".  The all volunteer group, which had formed in January of this year, in the announcement stated that, "The four day community event was created to honor and celebrate live musicians in second life". The expo is scheduled to run from the 23rd of April through the 25th and will be held in several locations in Second Life. More information on the event, the group and Second Life locations can be found at the Metaverse Music Expo group web site. 


Anonymous said...

WOW - The Metaverse Music Expo was FANTASTIC.. updates coming soo toL

Metaverse Music Expo 2012 said...

Metaverse Music Expo 2012 is launching this week!!! contact Lillith Siamendes for more information