Tuesday, April 12, 2011

BoostCLOUD/BOT Presentation and Testing in SpotON3D Tomorrow

The following note came to me from Tessa Harrington. Might be a good opportunity for those of you so inclined to help out with new ideas:

"Just a heads up in case anyone's interested. SpotON3D is doing BoostCLOUD/BOT presentation and testing tomorrow at 8:45 AM - 9 am SLT. pitting our new Realistic bots against the typical Ruthie bots.

The realistic bot chat to one another, download a texture every 15th avatar, carry inventory the rotation to a new batch of avatars, load the region scene, walk around randomly and are fully dressed . The ruthie bots rum, jump and general bully anyone on the ground with their push ways. :P

If anyone wants to help us test, just email me at cloud@spoton3d for a FREE test account. EMAIL me at boostcloud@spoton3d.com. Our goal is to get a combination of 180 bots/real users in our Ruthie test sim - YELLOW, and at least 100 bots/real users in our Realistic bot testing region named RED.

As a thank you we'll be giving away the code for the realistic test bot to all those who attend, copies of our powerpoints and we'll email you the data results. The tests tomorrow start about 9:45 SLT."

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