Thursday, April 28, 2011

Requiem for Fukushima by Alizarin Goldflake

From:  Alizarin Goldflake
Topic: "Requiem for Fukushima," a new immersive art build
Release date: Saturday, April 30

Alizarin Goldflake will release her newest immersive art build, "Requiem for Fukushima," on  Saturday, April 30, in the Sky Sculpture Garden at Atelier Alizarin.  All are cordially invited to drop in anytime. Alizarin will post studio hours via group notices throughout the month of May when she will be available to welcome visitors.  The first studio hour will be Saturday, April 30, from 2 - 3 pm.  1

 "Requiem for Fukushima" is a dramatic build of sinister beauty inspired by the Fukushima catastrophe in Japan. Housed inside a pyramid shell, it contains lurid plants, flames, billowing black smoke, and burning cinders. Even the rocks are glowing.  Max your particle count!

The components for "Fukushima" were first built in InWorldz where Ali is developing a sim for virtual art patron Jeri Rajha.  The quadrant of the  InWorldz sim that is the source of the imagery portrays a post-apocalyptic ecological disaster scene, which the Fukushima catastrophe so completely embodies in RL.

The build is 30 x 30 x 30 meters and 145 prims.

Once visitors have toured "Fukushima," they are invited to enjoy the surrounding Sky Sculpture Garden, modeled on a RL Japanese Garden, or to use the TP boxes to visit other Atelier Alizarin features:  Immersive Art, Musical Kinetics, Orfeo's Oratorio, The Particularium, RL digital drawings; digital collages; Chez Ali, Alizarin's store, and on the ground, a beautiful valley nestled against steep coastal mountains.

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