Monday, April 18, 2011

"Le Cul De Mond" Argentinian Artists Exhibit in Second Life

The exhibition "Le Cul De Mond" opened several days ago and presents the work of seven Argentinian artists. The showing had been organized by Second Life resident and artist Luciella Lutrova. Ms Lutrova also showcased several of her own pieces. I had missed the opening, but I'd been able to stop in the following day and found it to be absolutely refreshing. The artists selections were both colorful and vibrant and managed to capture my attention and along with my imagination for the full hour I was there. It had been some time since I'd enjoyed an exhibit of two dimensional art in Second Life, where it seems that themed builds and immersive exhibits predominate.

In and exchange of off line instant messages, Ms Lutrova told me that the exhibit will be open "at least through May 15th". The artists presenting in the exhibit include; Adrian Lirman, Eugenia Vialta, Ladislao Kelity, Maria Paula Caradonti, Natalia Apocow, SilviaGrillo and Luciella Lutrova.

My favorite pieces included; Baby call and Lady Blue by Adrian Lirman, Lady X by Ms Lutrova and a3 by Natalia Akopow. If you're interested in seeing some well done original pieces and in feeling refreshed after doing so, stop in before mid May to view "Le Cul de Mond".

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