Monday, April 18, 2011

Winners of the Gulliver's Travels Photo and Machinima Contest Announced

Shortly after I and my fellow judges had completed our review and had submitted our votes to Ms Rahja, she'd sent me an e-mail announcing the winners of the contest which took place in the virtual world of InWorldz. The photo contest was won by Ms. Suzy Jassen. Jeri had been kind enough and sent me a copy of the winning photo and as the vote had been a blind one, I didn't recognize the name. However, I was quite pleased when I opened the picture up to view it and saw that it had been one in my top picks. My congratulations to Suzy Jassen.

While the photography side of the contest went rather well, the machinima contest faired less and struggled for a host of reasons. Only one had been submitted but is was a video that had been created by one of the premier virtual worlds machinima makers, ColeMarie Soleil. The video can be viewed here, .

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