Sunday, October 3, 2010

eMotion Art Contest Announcement at Berliner Kunsthalle Gallery

I'd received this announcement from artist and curator Asmita Duranjaya, a good friend. Her note and information are reprinted below:

Dear friends and artist colleagues,

I am pleased to announce a new art contest. Hanni Fride and Fantazia Enzo have worked for months to build a sim compound including a new gallery, called "Berliner Kunsthalle". It is my honour to curate there changing exhibitions and I would like to start with an art contest on the topic "eMotion". This has two meanings, "electronic motion" and "emotion" in the sense of "moving the mind". Both together should be a guarantee for an attractive artwork. Gallery opening and winner announcement are planned for the 31st of October at 1pm SLT. You have one month to create a new artwork and here are the rules:

1. The artwork has to be new and created exclusively for this specific contest.

2. The topic is "eMotion" in the above mentioned sense.

3. Something has to "move" in the artwork, either animations, particles or through scripts. Flat pictures without movement are not accepted.

4. You can use up to 25 prims.

5. One piece per participant!

6. As usual in my contests there will be a public and a jury panel voting.

7. Send your work with mod, cop, no trans to Asmita Duranjaya. Deadline is the 24th of October 2010 3pm SLT.

8. The exhibition remains in the gallery for 2 months and every artist can try to sell his piece with a commission of 25%.

9. The 1st winner will get 3000, the 2nd 2000 and the 3rd 1000 L$ and every participant will receive a little something.

10. The place is still not available to show an example there, but I have build one with 11 prims on my land:
It shows the average size and my imagination of the topic.

A lot of fun and good luck!


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