Monday, October 4, 2010

Information on the eXtension Virtual State Fair - Photography Contest

This is a reprint of the notecard I picked up while visiting the eXtension Virtual State Fair site. An interesting opportunity for all of the photographers in Second Life:

Registration and voting for this contest are free of charge.

Come to Morrill, Morrill2, Morrill3 and Morrill4 Regions and take pictures using your artistic talent as a SL photographer.

  • First place: 7000L
  • Second Place: 2000L
  • Third Place: 1000
The pictures are to be taken at Regions Morrill, Morrill1, Morrill2, Morrill3 or Morrill4 and may include avatars or not. Close-ups of individual avatars must include permission of the subject. All pictures must be suitable for a General SIM.

Entrance point of Morrill SIM'

Upload the image as .jpg with aspect ratio of 4:3, 1024x768 pixels, horizontal or vertical, color or B&W. No nude pictures please. Use any Linden Lab resources for light, day time, sky, water and any special effects. Also feel free to work the pictures with graphics software.


Send your image (texture) to DFox Spitteler, full perm, before 9:00PM SLT on Oct 5th.
Name the picture with: PHOTOGRAPHY CONTEST-avatar full name-photograph name.
Photographer will be notified of acceptance.

24 entries will be the limit, with only one entry per participant.

The pictures will be exhibited in order of arriving, from #1 to #24 position.


The public voting starts at 11:00 AM SLT on Oct 6th and ends 9:00PM SLT on Oct 9th. One vote, per picture, for each avatar

Just click the picture to vote.


The top 3 winners will be decided by popular vote only. The winners will be identified by 11:00 AM SLT on Sunday, October 10.

Entries must carry a Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike License. For more information about this see here

Questions? Contact DFox Spitteler, Contest Manager

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