Tuesday, October 5, 2010

'!DA! DIGITAL ART' on Museo del Metaverso!

'!DA! DIGITAL ART' on Museo del Metaverso! opens on Tuesday, October 5th, and goes through Sunday, October 10th. The opening will begin at 6 pm local time at CreatiCityGate Avenue Pasubio 14, Milano and in Second Life at Odyssey. The exhibit will feature artists:

Gianluca Beccari
Paul Brenzini
Maria Luisa Grimani
Luce Laval
Luke Smoothy

For the duration of the exhibition will be held live performances and guided tours on the following dates:

Tuesday, October 5 opening at 18.00
Misprint Thursday at 19.00, Indent (live performance). Misprint Thursday's performance will be followed in the room CreatiCityGate. For those who wish to attend, see you in Second Life Odyssey.

1. NE Odyssey, Odyssey (205, 159, 403)
All event information is available here.

Thursday, October 7 at 19.00 sightseeing places for art in Second Life and on the web by 2Lifecast - Paul leads Brenzini performance at 20.00 Pirats Art Network

Friday, October 8 at 18.00 sightseeing places for art in Second Life and on the web by 2Lifecast - Federica Peruzzo leads: "The Museum of the Metaverse, the discovery of a project." There will be Rosanna Galvani (AKA Roxelo Babenco), owner of the Museum, and Mario Savini, a professor of Net Art at the Academy of Fine Arts Macerata

Sunday, October 10 16:30 Finishing with a tour to places of art in Second Life and on the web by 2Lifecast - leads Stefano Lazzari

Opening Hours: Tuesday-Friday: 16:00 to 20:30
Saturday: closed (the event is moved to the Loggia dei Mercanti, beginning at 17:30)
Sunday: 10:00-18:00

Any visits at times other than those specified may be agreed with the organizers, by phone at 02-87394285 (in office hours)

The performance will be followed live via web at: http://ping.fm/CHBin

Anyone wishing to participate in guided tours with your own avatar, you can reach us at this SLURL: http://ping.fm/8lh6X

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