Sunday, October 10, 2010

Second Life Fundraiser for Victims of Flooding in Thailand

A day late for the events that were held on Saturday, but I'm still posting the note from Mojo Manamiko and his partner LuckyMoon Jiagu. The kiosks are still up at the locations noted below.

Dear Friends, Lucky and I are holding a benefit for one of our own in SL, PhraDhammoRakitta Chingseng, a real life Buddhist monk at the Wat Ban Dim Dam monastery in Thailand. Thailand is experiencing devastating flooding right now, and many are suffering. I know our friend, "Phra" , a man of love, compassion and conviction... has his hands full doing all he can to help those he can. We are organizing events for Saturday October 9th...but are mainly depending on donations to our kiosks. Any donations you and/or your group can make will be appreciated..also..if possible, ask that people in your group, send to their groups..thanks for any help you can extend.. below are 3 kiosks you can go to for donations ..kiosks have event note giver,
thanks again..Mojo and Lucky.

One is the Buddha Center temple where "Phra" teaches and the other is our stage where we conduct our kabuki play "The Garden" which will be performed twice on Sat. 10/9/10

***Art gallery next in shop next to our stage ( LM below)
with pictures from our plays and others from second life for sale to be donationed****

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