Wednesday, December 1, 2010

3D Aids Quilt Debuts on December 1st in Second Life

In a production launched by Startled Cat, the 3D Aids Quilt will make its debut into the virtual worlds of Second Life and Jokaydia, with opening ceremonies scheduled to begin at noon PST on the 1st of December. The agenda for the event includes a welcome and discussion of the project, readings by Quilt contributors and live music. Startled Cat also announced that "Participants will be free to tour the completed Quilt pieces and sign up to create their own memorials." Startled Cat, a joint venture formed by Doug Thompson, Marty Keltz and Jena Ball, is a studio for immersive storytelling.

In the press release about the event it was announced. "The 3D AIDS Quilt takes the concept of a patchwork quilt - composed of squares of fabric - and transforms it into a collection of 3D rooms or dioramas.  Each room is dedicated to a person(s) whose life was lost to AIDS and tells a story using a variety of tools including 3D objects, video, photos, poetry and song.  The Quilt was conceived as a way to commemorate the lives of those lost to AIDS and build a global community of individuals and organizations committed to using their collective creativity and resources to eradicate AIDS."

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