Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Club One Island Photo Contest

A photo contest is underway at Club One Island in Second Life. The contest information and rules from Emerson Iwish follow:

Like taking pictures in Second Life? Or would you like to learn? We're sponsoring a month long contest and photography lessons from our very own Club One Island Official Photographer. Come learn about the contest and learn some of the basics of Second Life photography. Later in the month we'll talk more about the contest and have a more advanced class, so there's plenty of time to play with this and learn.
Join us to today on the Island to find out how YOU can be winning some Linden bucks!
Please reference for the full calendar of events

We have several categories and each first place wins L$5,000 (Linden$)
AND we will also choose a GRAND Prize winner to be awarded L$10,000 (Linden $)

Categories: A, B, C

(A) Photos of an avatar in Action! These should be pictures of an avatar MOVING, DOING, or PLAYING on Club One Island. ACTION is what this is all about and the activities here on the island!

(B) Photos of avatar GROUP activities here on Club One Island. Two, three, or more? We want to see you AND your friends ACTIVELY participating and enjoying the spaces here!

(C) Scenic. These islands are such a beautiful environment to experience! We want to see which places catch YOUR eye!

Be CREATIVE, enjoy, and capture those moments and share with us!


1) Each photo submitted must be taken OF or ON or AT Club One Island.

2) Photos must be submitted by Dec 19, 2010. Maximum of 3 entries per category. Wnners will be announced Dec. 26, 2010 @6:00 pm SLT

3) We reserve the right to display the photos as artwork on Club One Island in Second Life, as well as on our website and Facebook. Your winning photos can be credited with either an SL avatar name or real actual name (your choice) .

4) All decisions made by the judges are final.

Submit all entries in-world to: Emerson Iwish or email to:

So start exploring and enjoying our place and spaces here!

Please reference for the full calendar of events.
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