Tuesday, December 14, 2010

3D Art Exhibition by CARP in Collaboration with IBM International

I read the note card with great interest when it and I arrived in Second Life. The message was from Josina Burgess, co-founder of CARP (Cybernetic Art Research Projects) along with Velazques Bonetto and they were seeking hosts for an upcoming event. The group is well known in Second Life for its productions, which include; "The Wall" a unique interpretation of the Pink Floyd classic, "The Rings" a rock opera and a remake of "Metropolis" the silent film classic and the first science fiction movie in Second Life. The group recently put together another special production, "Alien Bolero" of which I had the opportunity to view shortly before its opening several weeks ago. I walked away in complete awe after witnessing something like I'd never ever seen before in Second Life. I've enclosed the notecard below with a few edits (Please forgive me Josi).

Hello Friends,

This is a call for hosts:

CARP in Collaboration with IBM International CARP has built (Velazquez did) an exhibition in another way then what is normally done in SL.

This exhibition is formed in such a way that it allows people to get an idea of how to become an artwork in RL from SL. CARP is known for the way they build events and exhibitions so here it's something new again of course. Four floors with RL art shown in SL in a special way. It's to research another form of showing art or items. Not through a website but in a 3D world. Paintings, Digital Art works, 360 degree Panorama's, music especially written andn performed for CARP projects. Two big particle theatres with life V-Jazz (virtual jazz) performances and Prims dancing in perfect synchronicity.

Worldwide this exhibition together with the Schoeffer Tower Cybernetic Tour, will open on December 22th.
This means everywhere where IBM is.

Of course we will host ourselves for the European employees of IBM and all SL folks that are interested. We surely will need people that are interested to be a host for, Europe (we have hosts), China, Japan, USA ( we have a host), Australia, Canada, Africa (for India we have already 2 hosts).

If you are interested to be a host during this event, please do IM me or Velazquez Bonetto, because we will welcome you of course but you also need to learn how to start the systems, like the cybernetic tour needs to be started up as well several automatic systems in the exhibition.

We will make a time plan to cover the time zones and surely some meetings between you and us are needed so you as a host know exactly what to do.

I know we ask much, dedication, and we need to count on you, so you must be sure you can do this, but it's also a challenge to experiment this way of exhibiting and showing it to people that have specially logged in, made an avatar, and give them an idea of what's possible.

We hope to hear from you soon,

Velazquez Bonetto
Josina Burgess

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