Thursday, December 16, 2010

SlumRock Xmas Party in Second Life

This looks to be an exciting weekend of music:

The community at Lollygagger's Lane, in Sarafina, is this year holding a 3-day Xmas Party!

'The Lane' is a rather run-down area, complete with stinking cesspit to bathe in, rats, ramshackle buildings and the odd tramp passing through now and then....just as we like it :)) You are assured of a fine welcome at The Lane whoever you may be :)

(Secondary LM at adjoining region)

All Times are SLT (PST)

---- Friday 17th December 2010 ----

1pm - Raskolnikow Roffo DJ
2pm - Blindboink Parham
3pm - Ziffy Zarf
4pm - Danlange Diavolo
5pm - Edward Kyomoon
6pm - TerryLynn Melody
7pm - Derek Sienkiewicz DJ
8pm - Baldi McMillan DJ

---- Saturday 18th December ----

12 noon - Paramparamm Papp DJ
1pm - Electronic Mode DJ
2pm - Blueron Clyburn
3pm - Engrama
4pm - Moro Zane DJ 1st
5pm - Moro Zane DJ 2nd
6pm - Cosmic Haystack
7pm - Frets Nirvana
8pm - Von Johin

---- Sunday 19th December ----

1pm - Russell Eponym
2pm - Savannah Coronet
3pm - Craig Lyons
4pm - Skye Galaxy
5pm - Bart & Whirl
6pm - Arman Finesmith
7pm - Blindboink Parham & Ziffy Zarf
8pm - CelticMaiden Warrior

(Advertised performers are subject to last minute changes, dependent on RL circumstances and SL problems, take it as it comes, stuff happens...but wow is you all being in for a treat...Oh Yes!)

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