Friday, December 17, 2010

Greek Amphitheater Reopens in Second Life

This came to me by way of Jilly Kidd through the London School of Journalism Group in Second Life:

The fabulous Greek Amphitheater owned by Phorkyad Acropolis is one of the classic builds on SL. It's reopening at the London School of Journalism with events this coming Saturday and Sunday. Newly-rebuilt by Jenene Lemaire and Talliver Hartnell at the London School of Journalism (with a generous land grant from Jilly Kidd, we re-open the Greek Theatre with a series of performances.

Dec. 18 @ 5pm SL: Thaylon Singh (covers and original music)
@6pm SL: Phorkyad Acropolis, The Silent Oracle

Dec 19 @ 6pm SL: Avery Oxhall, "The Fate of Galleon #50" Ballet Preview (piano music)
7pm: SL: Poetry Open Mic

Or listen on the web at

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