Wednesday, July 2, 2008

3-D Street Painting Art Exhibition

3-D Street Painting Art Exhibition at the Ten Cubed Gallery in Second Life

Visit the Exhibition: Ten Cubed Gallery

Monday 30th June sees the launch of a novel experiment in Ten Cubed, the contemporary art gallery in Second Life run by the Haydn Shaughnessy gallery ( For the month of July the gallery will be showcasing street painting from artist Rod Tryon of the United States in conjunction with other contemporary art from established gallery artists."We see street painting has a tremendous following with events like the one upcoming in Palo Alto attracting as many as 150,000 people. So although we are a conventional gallery we can't ignore what attracts and engages people. We're really happy to cooperate with Anthony Cappetto and to put street art on the gallery and let people judge its merits alongside some great contemporary art." - Haydn Shaughnessy

A Brief History of the Traditional Street Painting Art Form:

“Street painting is truly an art form that is able to reach people and has done so for centuries going back to its roots in Sixteenth Century Europe, especially in Italy, in which the Madonnari (street painting artists) would travel from town to town following the plentiful Holy Days (holidays) to draw images of the Madonna and religious subjects as their means of expressing their art and earning their living.

The Second World War seriously affected the livelihoods and numbers of the Madonnari, and the art form nearly died out, although there were some itinerant Madonnari seen performing their art in Europe in the late 1960’s by American artists. In 1972 street painting art was revived in the founding of the Incontro Nazionale dei Madonnari in Grazie di Curtatone, Italy. The first street painting festival in North America was the I Madonnari Festival of Santa Barbara in 1987 and continues to this day with as many as 400 artists and young people working on street paintings each Memorial Day weekend at the end of May. Today there are many dedicated street painting festivals in North America and in Europe bringing thousands of street painting artists and fans worldwide together to celebrate the art form and provide local support in their communities for arts education and activities.

Some of the best known and respected festivals in the USA are the Italian Street Painting Festival by Youth in Arts in San Rafael, CA, The Annual Lake Worth Street Painting Festival in Lake Worth, FL, and the I Madonnari Festival in Santa Barbara, CA. Newer festivals with a strong future ahead of them are the Festival Bella Via in Monterrey, Mexico, and a growing number of street painting festivals in Canada, the Netherlands, France, Belgium as well as exhibitions in Japan and Hong Kong.” – Anthony Cappetto

Recent Developments:

A recent development in the street painting art form in the twenty first century is the use of user generated video, blogging, and podcasting of street painting artists at all levels of ability and their fans worldwide. This new technological advance offers opportunity for all street painting, artists, festivals, and fans to allow a window not only to their latest image or festival appearance but a chance to let others know why they street paint and to encourage others – especially the younger generation of street painters to become known and grow in experience. Reaching the public in this way allows the performance aspects of street painting to be shared with many who do not readily have the opportunity to see street painting in person.

Our experiment will take the advances in technology even further as we have the opportunity to introduce this traditional art form performed on the asphalt and pavements of the world into not only the environment of a fine art gallery but in to the many new possibilities offered by Web3D.
Exclusive videos from the Ten Cubed Gallery of Rod’s street painting exhibition will be available on the media sites of Innovative Street Painting Group, Inc., ( on Ning, You Tube, and Facebook) and the Haydn Shaughnessy gallery (

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