Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lane’s List Redux

Over the last several months as I've traveled and explored SL, I have shared with my readers the ordinary and extraordinary places and people I encountered there. Since the inception of Lane's List, I have met some of SL's most talented and creative people and I've visited a host of sites, from captivating gardens, to affable and welcoming coffeehouses, classic ballrooms, stylish art gallery's and neighborhood gin joints.

Until now, the travelogue has been exclusively about SL. Within the last few months, after having been invited to participate in several virtual communities, I've decided to expand Lane's List into "a personal travelogue of people and places in virtuality". Second Life, which had opened a vista of a virtual existence for me will continue to be my home base. I am planning to explore other virtual worlds, some directly through a presence and others by proxy through those I have meet in the several expanding business and social networks that I have joined.

As I did when starting Lane's List, I look forward meeting new people and seeing new places. And in sharing it all with the my readers.

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