Wednesday, July 2, 2008

In World and Out World?

The concept of what is or isn't "InWorld and OutWorld" is being explored by the artist comet Morigi in her new exhibit.

"The inworld is NOT the opposite to Real Life BUT rather a type of Real Life. Why don't you say OutWorld instead of Real Life (RL)? Otherwise, you will lose the reality of why you do art inworld. Here in this work, you will see why you should call it OutWorld, not Real Life.

Inworld, everything is made of pictures. The ground and the sky, every creature, houses, clothes, our bodies, everything. You terrain-edit as if you are painting with a brush on the ground.

Here, I exhibit the so-called Terra-Painting."

Her exhibit, already underway can be seen at the Weard Wealty Gallery.

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