Sunday, July 6, 2008

New Writers Tool @

I'd found out about "Gazooky" while in second life, a group notice from the Written Word group had arrived with a note card announcing a writing contest along with LM for the SL site. I opened the note card, quickly read it and then moved the LM to a folder before TP'ing over.

When the site rezzed, I found it to be an average build for a commercial site and I wandered in to look around before taking a note card with some additional information. I was about to leave when avatar braceyourself Bravin arrived and we begin a text chat. As it turned out he is a member of the development team and explained some of the background on the product along with walking me through a demonstration of a document he'd produced using the tool. The tool allows you to create a multi format document, to include text, audio and pictures in it. Documents can be stored and shared on the site.

After returning to my place on Book Island, I launched a browser window and took a look at the web site. The cost is free for new accounts, however you are limited to approximately thirty or so paragraphs. Paid accounts get you more space. Documents can be stored and shared on the site. I did create an account, downloaded and installed the client reader. I've yet to create anything using the tool but am planning to shortly and will let you all know what I discover.

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