Friday, November 14, 2008

Get It Together: Christmas All Year Through

A note card from Cher Harrington arrived when I logged into SL a few days ago. Cher is always a delight to chat with and is deeply ingrained into the SL Music scene asked if I would pass the word about a collaborative effort to raise awareness of the music scene in SL and I gladly agreed to pass along her notes here in Lane's List.




Over 30 Second Life Live Musicians featured on a collaborative song to promote live music in Second Life. This song, "Christmas All Year Through", highlights the creativity and vibrancy of the SL live music scene. The finished collaborative effort will be distributed free to SL residents as a holiday gift from SL musicians. To find out who is involved and to stay up to date with the project until the release, please read this thread at the SL Music Community Forum.


Earlier this year UK singer songwriter Djai Skjellerup instigated a scheme to raise the awareness of live music amongst the general population of SL. This resulted in a song he wrote entitled "Get It Together" being recorded by 13 SL musicians and all of the resulting contributions being mixed together to create a single track. The song was then distributed through SL to great critical acclaim. You can hear the result of this project here:


The project was very successful and most of all so much fun that Djai has decided to do a second collaborative recording.




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