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Lizbet's List ~ A Few of My Favorite Things

I love introducing people to my favorite virtual hangouts! Of course, my favorites change all the time as new wonders are discovered and old ones disappear from the grid. Sigh. I hate that, lol. But here is my current list of a few of my very favorite places in Second Life.

If you just want to be awed by color and movement then Acropolis Gardens is the place for you ~ a deservedly popular destination. To show off your virtual cultural flair, take a friend to the Blekinge Sculpture Park. Want a date that’s a little off the beaten path? Find a cuddle pose at the Inspire Drive-In Theatre.

I have several beautiful ballrooms included here and if you try just one (and your set-up is robust enough to handle some lag), visit the castle ballroom at Japan Tempura Island. And for a more casual yet classy dance club (yes, ok, it’s kinda a pick-up place, too), I like Hot Sax Jazz Club.

I’ll hope to run into you at one of my favorite places!


1. Acropolis Gardens**

**MARCH 2009 UPDATE! Acropolis Gardens is now gone. Sigh. ~LzL**

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Syrinx/14/49/21

The Flying Romantic Flower tour is a perfect first virtual date. A sweet cuddle pose in a giant red flower while you fly through breathtaking ravines past dramatic waterfalls with glimpses of intriguing paths and green grottos everywhere. You catch this tour from the beach. You can also hike the amazing mountain trails all over this park and there are some beautiful perched dance floors if you take the trouble to explore.

Other enticements include Hot Air Balloon Rides, a Scuba Diving Tour of the underwater garden, and horse back riding!

2. Blekinge Sculpture Park

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Blekinge/133/131/102

I adore sculpture parks and this one is big and fabulous! Although I do always get lost here! (Um, unlike other places in SL?)

Head south then take a right when you run into the big industrial building. Find the rocky path through the snow just ahead. Then take the time to wander off the path and don't forget to look up!

There's a skating pond somewhere around here, too. I know there is… somewhere, sigh.

3. Casablanca Underwater Ballroom

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Iladil/209/240/57

When you land, just walk a few steps north and you'll see the entrance to the CasaBlanca Aquarium on your right. This is the stunning underwater tunnel on the way to the Casablanca underwater ballroom and aquarium. Follow the tunnel (stopping midway for a kiss if you wish) to the small ballroom with the glass wall view of the aquarium.

They stream jazz standards from Martini in the Morning.

4. Heaven69

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Liger%20Island/87/85/300

I'm not going to claim that this one is easy to get to and the navigation changes frequently! If you're greeted with TelePort choices, choose “Heaven69 Park”. If you land in the mall (why in the world, I wonder….) head for the West exit and continue on through the park. Then, finally, there are so many beautiful things to see: grottos, rocktop cuddles, bridges, waterfalls, fountains, giant flowers, a winged horse...

But my favorites are the marble mansion at the end of the main promenade and the open air pavilion dance floor just behind it and to the left.

The streaming music is romantic pop music from (I think) the 80s and 90s.

5. Hot Sax Jazz Club

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/South%20Beach/77/73/36

What I like about Hot Sax is that although it's rarely too crowded or too laggy, you can almost always find a dance partner here. And, if not, there are plenty of cute sit poses where you can happily plop and read profiles, organize your inventory and catch up with friends.

Usually streaming jazz standards from Martini in the Morning Radio.

6. Inspire Drive-In Theater & Beach

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shinda/116/200/25

I don't ever actually watch a movie when I'm in-world ~ I just like to do my chatting in the back seat of a vintage car. So I'm always looking for drive-in theatres in SL and this small one at Inspire Beach is my favorite. And you'll find pretty dances scattered along the piers and rocks of the beach to the north of the theatre.

If you're at the famously popular Inspire Space Park dance club overhead, just step off a ledge and you'll land here at the beach. It's an awesome tumble.

The music stream is kinda space-age electronica instrumentals.

7. Japan Tempura Island, The Luxury Ballroom

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/tempura%20island/120/51/33

Ah, the highlights for me are the main ballroom in the castle on the hill and the sweet open air dance plaza at the landing point. To get to the castle (and check out those high reflection travertine floors) follow the arched walkway to the north. And it's a long walk for those of us ladies who prefer not to fly, lol. Wander around a bit through the parks around the castle and the landing point and you'll discover plenty of other pretty corners.
Heads up! This is possibly the laggy-est (is that a word?) place on my list. But so-o-o worth it if your system can handle it.

Streams romantic pop songs.

8. La Musique Waterfalls**

**MARCH UPDATE: La Musique is not gone. Sigh. ~LzL**

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/La%20Musique/221/149/25

When you follow this landmark, you'll land at La Romantique ~ a lovely rooftop open air ballroom. The Teleporter is on the west side of the dance floor. Teleport to the "Cuddle Area". To the north of there you'll find a nice swing and some sheep (I dunno?) and to the south, clamber over the rocks to wade in one of my favorite waterfalls ~ the color and movement of the water are amazing!

You used to be able to count on classical music here but it varies now.

9. RMS Titanic

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Titanic/129/185/34

SUCH a fun photo opportunity. Take a snap of yourself and a friend in the famous Leo & Kate pose at the bow of the ship. Then try and get out of the pose without ending up on the bottom of the ocean! When you're done drying off, there's a formal ballroom and lots of places to explore inside the ship.

Happy Exploring!

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