Monday, November 3, 2008

SL Newspaper Birthday Celebration

SL Newspaper celebrated its second birthday in November and publishers Dana Vanmoer and JamesT Juno are busily planning for the celebration. Anticipation is rising for a week of events with contests and parties. The week of events will be held on a SIM donated by BNT holdings and the fashion show organized by Best of SL's Frolic Mills.

Opening party - Themed and FUN!

A building contest - contestants will be given a 10x10 plot and asked to build an office layout (desk, chair, accessories) in no more than 25 prims

They will have 5 days to complete their builds

Design contests - contestants will be asked to design either a ladies or a gents SL-newspaper outfit. These will become the new freebie outfits we give away. They will be judged separately in 2 fashion shows, organised by The Best of SL Magazine, one for the ladies and one for the gents

Photo Contest - run in conjunction with Skybeam estates

We have had over 75,000 in prizes donated so far and this is still rising - all prizes will be divided between the winners of the Design contest male and female, the photo contest run by Skybeam estates and the building contest.

A fair - booths will be available for rent on a first come first served basis - Contact Dana Vanmoer for details on how to obtain a booth

Closing party and prize giving ceremony - This will a formal event and all winners will be announced

If you would like to hold an event at our birthday venue feel free to contact - there will be no charge for this - again on a first come first served basis. We will have a stage set up in the center with a large event area around it - this can be used for anything you wish - a dance, a demonstration, discussion group, storytelling, a show, fashion show etc....... It is only limited by your imaginations and time. All events will be published in advance and the cutoff date for booking a time slot for the main stage is November 9th. Contact Dana Vanmoer via notecard titled 'SLN2Y event' if you would like more info or to book a time slot in advance. Most of all we hope you will join us in celebrating all that second life has to offer during this week of events which is sure to show the very best that imaginations can offer. Find out more in sl-newspaper or join the subscriber list by clicking the sign at head office SL - Newspaper, Ian Bernard (70, 145, 31)

JamesT Juno and dana Vanmoer

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