Friday, November 21, 2008

SecondStock Monthly Festival

The organizers of the SecondStock festival have announced their plans to continue with monthly events and on Saturday, November 22nd, they will hold their first ALL DAY music festivals from 10am until 10pm. On the Main Stage at SECONDSTOCK is a lineup of musicians that will blow you away.

12 Hours of Live Music!!

Secondstock Musician Schedule

10am - Robie Bloch

11am - Winston Ackland

12pm - Bonnikins Margulis

1pm - Silas Scarborough

2pm - Oldwolf Criss

3pm - Lonnie Nightfire

4pm - Montian Gilruth & FunkyFreddy Republic

5pm - MrMulti Writer

6pm - Auzzie Blackburn

7pm - Hathead Rickenbacker

8pm - Moondoggirl Moomintoog

9pm - Blue Sky Traveler

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