Thursday, November 27, 2008


A note card arrived in my inventory one morning from fashion designer Shelly Toonie with a short introduction to a new dating service in SL. The operator of the dating service, Ziggy Quirk has a new slant for SL'ers.

"Here at BookDate we really consider personality more important than who bought the pretty hair and can do sliders really well. So rather than a photo of your avatar, here at BookDate you show off the cover (or title, if you don't have a cover image - whip something up in MS paint, it'll do) of your favorite book. We think this works better as it gives you something in common with the person you're poking."

The dating service offers the following categories:

Women Seeking Men
Women Seeking Women
Women Seeking Either
Men Seeking Women
Men Seeking Men
Men Seeking Either

Rules for the service are available when you rez in.

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