Saturday, November 22, 2008

SL Live Radio 200th and 1st Birthday Party!

"November 29th is the One-Year Anniversary of SL Live Radio!" So began the note card from Cher Harrington and then she added, "And we've just signed our 200th artist!" SL Live Radio's 200th and 1st Birthday @ SL Live Radio Studio Where the party kicks off at 7am and goes until 2pm SLT with hours of continuous live music.

If you want to party on your own SIM, just tune in to Dublin Special Event Radio:

Musicians performing LIVE for the party include:

Norris Shepherd

Soundcircel Flanagan

Cylindrian Rutabaga

BabbleGrabble Swindlehurst

Professor Beliveau

Zaphod Theas

Djai Skellerup

Charles Coleman


Srv4u Conacher

Nad Gough

Mimi Carpenter

Tone Uriza

Blindboy Gumbo

Al Hofmann

Ictus Belford

UFS Hyde

Maximillion Kleene

Rich Desoto

PickerJohn Haystack

Kaklick Martin

Pakito Crimson

Neil Morrison

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