Tuesday, March 30, 2010

"Hidden Treasures" by Monroe Snook Opens at Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia

The Opening of "Hidden Treasures" by Monroe Snook

Where: Galerie de la Vie, Artemisia
Grand Opening Event: March 30, 2010
Time:: 7-8 pm sl time
Name of exhibit: Hidden Treasures
Artist: Monroe Snook
Curator: RobertSteven Smythe
Entertainment provided by Eth Tedeschi

Hidden Treasures Are Inside All of Us

by RobertSteven Smythe

“..that is one of my interests. How to make a flower not seem like a blossom…but something deeper,” says Monroe Snook in a conversation with her while discussing the concept of the new exhibition called “Hidden Treasures”, opening at the Galerie de la Vie in Artemisia, Tuesday March 30th at 7 pm sl time.

“Hidden Treasures” by Monroe Snook, one of SL’s premier still photographers, will delight you with her whimsical, playful and thought-provoking images. Her insight into photography lies within her real life work as a floral photographer. She creates images that show the sensuality of the flower. “Many of my floral images are indirectly sensual, the deep detail of real life is wonderful,” says Monroe. Her Second Life photography is more illustrative in nature. In my conversation with Monroe that December afternoon she had an idea and a concept for this new exhibition. I was privileged to see the creative process at work and the concept evolve from one of the most creative artists in Second Life. “What I want to do ….is combine the two in one image (RL and SL), let me explore this idea with you first…see this image Sustain, see the way the two petals on the left create a pocket, they almost come together and touch. Now imagine an SL Avatar, black and white…nuzzled in that space, but so well done that you really have to look to see it and then look to see if it is real. I think that would be very unique.” I agree with Monroe Snook and I am sure you will as well. Her new work called “Hidden Treasures” captures that enthusiasm and creativity that I saw when she talked about her vision for this show. I know you will be amazed by the images, the blend of Second Life and Real Life, where does one life begin and where does one life end. You be the judge. Join Artemisia and Monroe Snook on March 30 at 7 pm sl time to be the first to see this wonderful display of images.

“Some of the most profound things in life are those you don't notice right away. They are very faint, often times difficult to see, the fleeting images of life that almost pass us by. Once we see these “Hidden Treasures” our mind opens up to their possibility - they are suddenly all around you.”

Monroe Snook has loved photography from as early as she can remember. Her first exhibits in SL showcased her RL floral works depicting macro images of sensual structures of natures plenty. In early 2008, she became passionate about SL photography - growing her skill and range within this medium until today she is seen as one of SL’s top photographers.

She uses all topics and ideas for her pieces with no one central theme. Curiosity and exploration unify her work. You can not predict from one piece to the other where Monroe's work will lead, what thought will be provoked or emotion conjured from within.

Her art consists of vistas, period pieces, landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes, and fantasy. They are all areas of focus for Monroe. Her signatures are in color, lighting, and movement while using her SL photography and skill with the SL viewer to create stunning and emotional works. In addition, Monroe uses digital dark-room technology when a piece calls for textures or layering beyond what the SL camera can provide such as lens blur, distance, and pure black and white.

In addition to fine art, Monroe is a top SL fashion photographer - with works for top designers and models. Monroe also marries her work with detailed hi-resolution fashion work with her love of SL locations to create custom, one-of-a-kind emotional pieces. These may be commissioned or at times are on limited exhibit. Many are in private collections. You can also see many of Monroe’s piece at the Museum of SL Photography where she is a featured artist, Orange Island, the SL campus of Marymount University and a featured artist of Avatriat.

Don’t miss this new and exciting exhibition by Monroe Snook, “Hidden Treausres” at the Galerie de la Vie in Artemisia. March 30, 2010 at 7 pm sl time. Eth Tedeschi will be playing jazz standards live for your enjoyment. Curator RobertSteven Smyth

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