Saturday, March 20, 2010

::kÅbloom:: An Extraordinary Exhibit Opens on March 21st

Opening on Sunday, the 21st of March, is an exhibition at Force Planet,The show is scheduled to run until the 1st of September, 2010. The following is from a notecard I received from Sledge Roffo:

::Force Planet:: and ::Gallery Tony:: are proud to present an extraordinary exhibit of new art, " :: kÅbloom :: combines the wild blooming frenzy of spring with Kå, the life force as described by the Egyptian symbol of two upraised arms." Twenty five artists give their unique interpretations of this theme with works that can only be seen at this amazing collection.

Participating Artists:

Al Lurton
Cardinalwildflower Sommer
Davideo Zelnik
Elin Egoyan
Eliza Quinzet
Figbash Snook
Fuschia Nightfire
Kicca Igaly
iTony Pleides
Merranda Ginssberg
nessuno Myoo
Ragamuffin Kips
Sahoni Tigerpaw
Serenity Questi
Sheba Blitz
Simulat Almendros
Sistagrlro Wei
Sledge Roffo
Special Jewell
Sundog Branner
Sunn Thunders
Tegan Jenvieve
Treacle Darlandes
Trill Zapatero
Xineohp Guisse

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FigBash Snook said...

Tony is a genius when it comes to creating a vibrant and interactive environment for experiencing art in, and the artists he gets are out of this world. It is truly an honor to be a part of this project.