Friday, March 5, 2010

Artist Gracie Kendal and the Vanessa Blaylock Company in a Performance Art Event

V A N E E E S A B L A Y L O C K / C O M P A N Y and GRACIE KENDAL present

=== VB15 - GRACIE / KRIS ===

Saturday 6 MAR 10 - Noon-2pm SLT



Eostara (207,51,263) - March 1, 2010 - Gracie Kendal in collaboration with the Vaneeesa Blaylock Company cast will present Kendal's 16 avatar versions of herself in a two-hour presentation of sculpture, identity, beauty, reality, and romanticism.

Gracie Kendal, also known as Kristine Schomaker in real life, is completing her Thesis for the Masters Degree in Art through the execution of her "The Gracie Kendal Project-A Conversation with my Avatar" where she utilizes installation, text, photography, mixed media, video and performance to explore her real life through the lens of her second life avatar.

"I am projecting myself onto another form and confronting my own imperfections," Kendal says. "My work deals with the process of becoming self-aware while living in a media-saturated, technologically advancing society."

"The human body has been represented in painting and sculpture for 500 years, but always mediated by the artist's hand," Company Director Vaneeesa Blaylock said. "In a world where avatars are emerging as new citizens, we will present the avatar as a work of sculpture directly to the audience. We state 'I Rez, Therefore I Am.'"

For more information about the Gracie Kendal Project contact Gracie Kendal or Kris Schomaker or visit To learn more about the "VB15 - Gracie / Kris" installation or the Eostara Art Gallery, contact Vaneeesa Blaylock or visit

In the past year Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company has produced numerous performance artworks in Second Life, including 14 large-scale productions, 3 duets, and 11 solo works. Ms. Blaylock holds an MFA in New Media from the Koninklijk Conservatorium and a degree in Choreography from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Kris Schomaker (aka Gracie Kendal) lives in Southern California and will graduate in May 2010 with her MA in Art from California State University, Northridge. She has been an artist for over 12 years experimenting in various interdisciplinary art forms, and is currently exploring her own identity through new media and performance art.
=== VB15 - GRACIE / KRIS ===

Gracie Kendal, Guest Artist

=== VB/CO ===

Seasprite Destiny, Managing Director
Calliope Novaland, Publicist
Friday Blaisdale, Stage Manager
Forceme Silverspar, Stage Manager
Shape Rembrandt, Avatar Design
NightOwl Meridoc, Wardrobe Supervisor
Vaneeesa Blaylock, Artistic Director


VB15 - GRACIE / KRIS by Vaneeesa Blaylock / Company is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Netherlands License. Based on a work at

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