Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Perspectives Exhibit and Competition" Opens Today

FigBash Snook at "Perspectives"

I'd received a note from a good friend about the event and popped over to the exhibit hall to have a look around. The exhibit which opens on Sunday, 28th of March is being organized by photographer FigBash Snook. The event begins at 2:30 pm PDT/SLT where the competition winners will be announced. The competition began several weeks ago for this unique project, in which participating artists received a single snapshot taken in-world and could; "do anything they wanted with it; they could use any media: photography, painting, sculpture, builds, clothing, body parts, or something else entirely". While there I had the opportunity to speak with Figbash.

Nazz: Hello Figbash ... is the "Perspectives Exhibit and Competition" something you'd developed and organized?

FigBash: Hi Nazz. Yes, I am the creator and organizer of the Perspectives exhibit.

Nazz Lane: The award ceremony on Sunday at 2:30 pm PDT/SLT I'd heard.

FigBash: You are well informed. Would you like an invitation?

BigBash: Correct … The exhibit hall is ready, if you'd like a walkthrough before hand let me know.

Nazz: When did the exhibit begin?

FigBash: It doesn't officially start until Sunday. I just finished setting it up this morning

Nazz: The competition starts on Sunday as well?

FigBash: The judging was completed yesterday. Here, let me send you the note that the participating artists got, it should explain how things worked. The basic idea though is that all the participating artists use the same photo as a starting point, and can do whatever they like from there. The only rule is that the finished piece, whatever it is, must contain at least one visual element (not necessarily the subject) from the original image

Nazz: That is an interesting idea ... yours?

FigBash: Yes

FigBash : I have done this concept once before, in 2007 and enough people kept saying how much they enjoyed it that I decided to do it again.

Nazz: How many entries did you have?

FigBash: The final count was 22 … 35 people responded initially, but these are still artists we're talking about.

Nazz: How many judges and is it okay to say who they were?

FigBash: Well, the initial panel was 5 judges, but there ended up being four way ties for both first and second place after their evaluations, which I view to be a very good sign, so I recruited an additional three people. As for their identities, I will ask them if they are comfortable with disclosing them. I have recused myself from judging, as I am friends with a good number of the artists, and even mentor several of them.

Nazz: Eight judges in total then?

FigBash: Yes … A combination of artists, gallery owners, art collectors, and models.


Elin said...

And it was great fun to participate:)) When I got a note with an invitation to join this contest I had worries. As an RL painter I am not experienced yet in digital art. But when I got the photo from were we had to make an artpiece I was lost. I even forgot it was a contest and just made what I had to made.
I have to say,.. I was satisfied... until I saw the art other artists had made. :))
Still I have an honorable mention and am very glad with that. I hope there will be more of these initiatives in SL as Figbash did. It is so interesting to be challenged to make something you probably would not have if there was no contest:))

TY Fig!!!

Serenity Questi said...

I was very honored to be one of the judges for Perspectives, and I have to say it was quite a challenge. The depth and breadth of talent participating in this exhibition was awe inspiring. Events like this and PrimVerse, which is also going on now, are inspiring to artists, and bring us to new unforeseen heights. I highly recommend this exhibit to all SL art lovers. It's definitely worth a visit.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say a big Thank-you to Figbash and his team of judges for making this such a enlightening experience for a newcomer to the SL art scene. I thoroughly enjoyed being challenged and I hope have learned a lot from it! (ie Im going to have to learn to use photoshop!. I look forward to a repeat performance!

desdemona enfield said...

The works created by the artists were marvelous. I was amazed at the variety of methods used to incorporate elements of the original work. I studied there work for hours.

Anonymous said...

This was the first time I've ever done an exhibit, it was an honour to participate and to be chosen best new artist, WOW! Lastly, I thank the person who had faith in me to continue, even when I didn't.

Kika Starbrook