Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Lunamaruna" an Exhibition by Scottius Polk at Project Z

"Lunamaruna" Opens March 28, 1 PM PDT/SLT at project Z with music by Skye Galaxy at 2 PM

What happens when you mix Dr. Seuss, Van Gogh, and Antoni Gaudi? You might get a taste of Scottius Polke! But don’t let the influences fool you -- Scottius definitely projects a unique voice.

From the initial landing point of Scottius’ latest work, Lunamaruna, his personality immediately emerges through the fantastical landscape: the hand-illustrated and highly stylized textures, the curvaceous structures, the sense of humor in details, and a joy in the discovery of the unexpected.

If you are familiar with Scottius Polke’s art, then you might recognize similarities from his previous installation, mushROOM. In both works his colors are rich and saturated, and the textures are all hand-stylized with a kind of comic aesthetic. Where Lunamaruna differs is in the overall scale and artistic vision – this is not a room, but a whole village - and the details tell an intriguing, perhaps even ominous story.

Whether Lunamaruna is a manufactured tale, or a transcendent vision from a tuned-in artist, it's certainly good fun to explore!

From Scottius:

The process of creating Lunamaruna has spanned several months, and could not have been completed without the help of the following people:

Zachh Cale: For curating and generously lending art space for this build, as well as being Sounding Board and Gentle Critic.

Kimba Sideways: Prim and Texture Aligner Extraordinaire, and Idea Maven like none otter, er other.

Alexx Fenstalker: Bringing the island to life with Amazing Animations

Desdemona Enfield: Most Ingenious in all things scriptly

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