Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Avatar Panel Convenes at Rockcliffe University in Second Life

Avatar Panel at Rockcliffe University

Jennette Forager moderates an "Avatar Panel" discussion at Rockcliffe University on Tuesday, February 16th. The panel consisted (Left to Right) of JenzZa Misfit, LOM Runner, Ariella Languish and Deb Quintessa. Not on the panel but responsible for production of the event was Bevan Whitfield who explained the panels purpose as:
"Between 2004-2006 there was a lot of talk / hype on the transformative power of virtual worlds and the implications especially in the areas of equalizing access to things such as education and jobs. Beyond this, there very much was an attitude of virtual worlds being the new wild west frontier which would empower people to take more control over their ability to create new ways and means of getting things done. 5 years on have we started to see that potential? What are some of hurdles still yet to come?"

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