Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Exhibition Featuring Zhora Maynard and Mistero Hifeng at Atlantide Gallery

"Burning Desire" by Zhora Maynard

The exhibition opened on Wednesday, February 9th at the Atlantide Gallery featuring the work of Zhora Maynard and Mistero Hifeng. I'd received a notecard from Juliet Petlyakov, gallery owner that contained the following:

A photographer and a sculptor, their dialogue. Mostly between two friends, the discovery of being able to express feelings and images in this Second Life. Their way of creating inspired by a song, an event, a meeting. Fastening with an image, on "prims" and "sculpts", what we want in addition to the baggage of our memories, "materialize." The possibilities and different ways of expressing their path in SL, between reality and dream, between travel and introspection. The various forms of art dialogue, even without their knowledge, in a fusion of intents. Each sign is the result of a life, different as the path of each of us.

Two artists, two friends. Their world.

Atlantide Gallery
Zhora Maynard and Mistero Hifeng

Ms Petlyakov was also kind enough to include a 24 page Thinc book, that contains pictures of the artists work and the dialog between the them.The book was published by Louiz Hartshon and edited by Juliet Petlyakov. It is available at the gallery.

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