Thursday, February 25, 2010

Exhibition "Hybrid" Closing Soon

Do Note Feed the Animals at this Exhibition

A group notice from Fuschia Nightfire arrived in my in-box earlier today, telling me that it's the "Last few days to see the 'Hybrid' exhibition." The exhibit which had opened in early December features two collaborative pieces by the artists Scottius Polke and Fuschia Nightfire. Ms Nightfire further explained in the notices that, "The gallery will then be closed for a few days for some major refurbishment" and then added that the "Next show will open soon with new guest artist Sabrinaa Nightfire".
'Hybridz' is an exhibit featuring the oxidically-challenged works by Fuschia Nightfire and Scottius Polke, including two new collaborative pieces by the artists. Wander through what could feel like both a newly awakened old factory and the lair of some industrial critters as the gallery comes alive through these flying, crawling, spinning, and rolling creations.
Artist Statement:

Fuschia Nightfire, known in real life as Nina Camplin, a mural artist specializing in "Trompe l'oeil". She is interested in challenging the viewer's perception of space by creating illusions of faked realities. Fuschia sees second life as an alternative medium for creating new art and exploring ways of making virtual trompe l'oeil imagery within this world.

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