Friday, February 5, 2010

Artist Presentations Scheduled at Rinascimento Virtuale 2 Exhibition

Poster Exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale 2

The exhibition Rinascimento Virtuale 2 opened a week ago and I had the opportunity to stop by a few days afterward to look around and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the work of good friends shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer as well as MillaMilla Noel's. Late on Thursday Velazquez Bonetto messaged me and said that, "all eight artists will do a presentation and the events start on Saturday" he then added: "with the new emoticon performance from Luce Laval and Evaluna Sperber with live music from Al Hofmann". Here's the schedule of artists and presentation dates:

Saturday, February 6th Evaluna Sperber @ 1:30 PM
Sunday, February 7th Lucian Iwish
Monday, February 8th Arcana Jansma
Tuesday, February 9th Shellina Winkler and Solkide Auer
Wednesday, February 10th Eros Boa @ 1 PM
Thursday, February 11th MillaMilla Noel @ 1:30 PM
Friday, February 12th a performance of The Wall
Saturday, February 13th merlino Mayo - Closing Event

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