Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winners Announced at Frank Lloyd Wright Museum in Second Life Sponsored Usonion Ideals Build-Off Contest

Novice Winning Entry by Kasimir Deimatov

The Frank Lloyd Wright Museum of Second Life recently held a build-off contest. The competition's goal was "to see who can create the most functional and appealing building within the parameters of the USONIAN ideals of Frank Lloyd Wright". The event took place between Friday, Feb. 5th and Sunday, Feb 7th. The contest was held on a special 'build-off' SIM and with entry requirements and rules established the contest was set to begin. Shortly before it did however, previous "Novice" contest winner Jadyn Firehawk sent an entry notecard in where she posed a unique request to organizers. Here's the notecard:

Name: Jadyn Firehawk and/or Kasimir Deimatov
Category: Novice
Donation: Will pay immediately after we hear back on the question below. :)
I hope there's still an empty slot!
Please let me explain my situation, as it is unusual. My friend Kasimir Deimatov would like to design a house for this competition. He is disabled though, fully paralyzed (quadriplegic), and has difficulty with fine control and it also takes him a quite a bit longer time to build than normal. He is a novice builder, and this house is the first he's ever designed. I am also still a novice-category builder. I have started putting houses for sale, but only since December 26, 2009.
He's very excited about this, and is asking if we can either enter as a team (his design, my build - he will direct me - with his name on the entry), or else he will unofficially direct me and I officially enter alone.
Would either of these two options be possible?
She'd contacted me several days after the contest and sent me a copy of the entry notecard along with the announcement of the winners, portions of which are printed below:

Thank you all for coming tonight. This was our best build-off ever, with 23 competitors, and best at showing off the theme.
Now to the awards--I'm sure you're anxiously awaiting the results.
Novice 1 - Kasimir Deimatov, assisted by Jadyn Firehawk.
I'd like to tell you a bit about Kasimir and Jadyn. Kasimir, a Belgian, was an interior design student before a diving accident about 10 years ago, and is now quadriplegic. They approached us and asked if he could design and Jadyn could act as his hands due to speed, and we agreed. I think you'd agree he has quite a pair of hands! Jadyn was our novice winner last time. Kasimir is involved in the Virtual Ability community here in Second Life, and in many ways SL has given him back his life. I am pleased that they competed--and so thrilled to be able to give him this award. Here is what he said about his house and site. "I saw this house placed on a sloping hill with the higher elevation on the NE corner, surrounded by pine trees on this slope of the hill and fairly open to the front (the SW ). With a nearby outcrop of bluish-gray metamorphic rock."
Congratulations to both!

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