Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CW Aigner Photographic Exhibition Opens in Second Life

Poster CW Aigner Photographic Exhibition

On Wednesday the 10th of February, the photographic exhibition of CW Aigner ((Christoph Wilhelm Aigner) makes its debut in Second Life. Presented by the 431art Gallery, the exhibition entitled, "Everything unknown comes out of the sea" will open with an event at 1:00 pm PST/SLT. This is a first for the renowned Austrian Poet and for gallery owner Myth Guyot. Born in Salzburg Austria, Mr. Aigner currently resides in both Salzburg and Italy. He was cited by "World Literature Today"as one of the world's most distinguished poets. He has received high honors in literature including the German Else-Lasker-Schüler prize and the Austrian National prize. The photographs were originally in the PolColl Series and titled "The curious every day events in Italy" or "All strange things come from the ocean" and originated in the winter months of 1992/93 in the Italian villages Marina di Cecina and Rieti. Subsequently, in the years 2008/09 the Polaroid collages were captured as large pictures, 60x60 cm and printed in a single edition collection. The pictures are mounted onto Finart Baryt paper and 4mm thick aluminum. They were manufactured in Salzburg by Ulrich Ghezzi. Mr. Aigner worked with the original medium of a Polaroid camera from Edwin Land for 25 years. Production of the Polaroid camera has since been halted.

Shortly before the scheduled opening, I spoke to gallery owner and artist Myth Guyot who had invited me over for a brief preview. After we exchange pleasantries and a few remembrances we talked about the exhibit and the gallery.

Nazz: Thank you for the heads up about the exhibit. When will it open?

Myth: I'm still planning for the opening on the 10th of February and I need some text from the artist first.

Nazz: Is he in Second Life?

Myth: He's never been yet … I'm trying to convince him.

Nazz: You've bought his work in then for display?

Myth: He's a friend of mine and I support him to show it here.

Nazz: I'm scanning around with my camera. The gallery is a nice build … yours?

Myth: Yes, it's brand new. On this floor is the exhibit. Below us is the video room to see the "Walk to Elea" … and on the TP board is a link to take you to see the maze.

Nazz: I recall both, seeing and writing about them. The very first article I did for the SL Newspaper was about the Maze. There are quite a few pieces in the exhibit … I'm reminded of post cards when looking at them. Are they paintings and is the text, his poetry?

Myth: A photographic collage … a mixture of Polaroid's and painting and collage. In a way, yes his poems. In German the exhibit is "Alles unbekannte kommt aus dem meer" which means, "Everything unknown comes out of the sea". He'd taken the pictures while in Italy.

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